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The need to find joy in the people and things that surround us is required for a full and rich life.  We believe that everyone deserves the happiness that can be gained through learning, playing, laughing and being in the right
place with the right people.


Each of us posses capacities
which can be brought to fruition if provided the opportunity to develop.  We believe every individual deserves the resources and encouragement necessary to reach their full potential.



We model respect for persons
​ - not who they are or what they do.  We recognize a broad spectrum of human differences that deserve to be treated with dignity.


​We recognize every person has life experiences which have developed their own unique character, personality and abilities.  We strive to approach every individual with respect for the differences within all of us.


Strong, safe and lasting relationships are necessary for us to fulfill our mission.  This includes our relationships with each other, our residents and their families, as well as everyone in support of what we do.

"The Vision of LIFE In Alaska is that every child and adult with special needs grow to reach their full potential."

The mission of LIFE In Alaska is to provide a safe, productive and meaningful environment for people with disabilities in a 'whole life' Alaskan setting while striving to meet each individual's plan of care to maximize their potential .

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Living Independence For Everyone

     L.I.F.E. in Alaska

     P.O. Box 7604

     Ketchikan, Alaska 99901